Influenza, Mary and Me

April 1, 2019

I always thought that successful genealogists would get to talk about their own family.  Tonight I got the opportunity to do just that.  I spoke to the Ozarks Genealogical Society about the 1918-1920 Influenza Pandemic; a topic for which I have great passion.  But tonight was more than just an issue, it was about family.  … Continue reading "Influenza, Mary and Me"

Grip, Grippe and the Spanish Lady: The 1918-1920 Pandemic

November 19, 2018

Part One: The Outbreak

Genealogy is so much more than family trees, records and dates. People’s lives are shaped by the events of their time. One such event is the Spanish Influenza Pandemic. The disease took on many names including “Spanish Influenza,” “Spanish Lady,” “La Grippe” or simply the “Grip.” While it affected virtually every … Continue reading "Grip, Grippe and the Spanish Lady: The 1918-1920 Pandemic"