Fred Rasa & the Bank of Florence

December 1, 2022 A calendar from the Bank of Florence (date unknown)

On April 8, 1918, the Bank of Florence was founded by a group of local businessmen in Florence, Missouri, a town of approximately one hundred men and women.  The organization was formed with H.A. Bremer as president, F. H. Rasa, vice-president, and P.W. Buehler as cashier.Continue reading "Fred Rasa & the Bank of Florence"

Grandpa Siegel & His Cars

November 7, 2022 Carl C. Siegel proudly showing his car circa 1936

November 5th marked the 135th birthday of Carl Christian Siegel, my maternal grandfather.  To celebrate I wanted to highlight one of the things I have noticed while digitizing family photos- grandpa liked cars!  There are many photos of Grandpa and his family with cars so I … Continue reading "Grandpa Siegel & His Cars"

A Year of Firsts

October 3, 2022

One of the first rules of genealogy, long neglected by genealogists is to write down your own stories.  On this German Unity Day, as falling leaves and temperatures finally reach Alabama, memories of my Year of Firsts, thirty (!) years ago flood my mind. But the beginning of the story, like so many tales, requires … Continue reading "A Year of Firsts"