Where I have researched:

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National Register of Historic Places

The National Parks Service (NPS) oversees historic preservation in the United States. What does that mean? The NPS calls historic preservation “a conversation with our past about our future,” which makes it a perfect fit for genealogists.
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My path through genealogy has been filled with twists, turns and surprises. I began with my own family research and have added building and genealogical research for clients across Kansas,
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Research & Writing

It is hard to believe I have accumulated more than twenty-five years of research and writing experience. While attending the University of Missouri in the early 1990s I began the lifelong-odyssey of writing.
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In August 2018 I had the great honor to speak at the National World War One Museum and Memorial and at the Missouri State Genealogical Conference on the centennial of the outbreak of Spanish Influenza Pandemic…
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