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The night the wall came down November 10, 2019 - Often when events occur that change our world we remember where we were and what we were doing. I distinctly… Continue reading "The night the wall came down"
OCR, Our Friend…Most of the Time September 5, 2019 - Big news today in the world of historical and genealogical research: The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA, archives.gov) has… Continue reading "OCR, Our Friend…Most of the Time"
Four Families, Three Generations and Two “Strangers” June 22, 2019 - Gathering at the Raiffeisen / Mothersbaugh House ca. 1910, Syracuse, (Morgan County) MO (back to front, left to right) Ida… Continue reading "Four Families, Three Generations and Two “Strangers”"
D-Day: Why It Matters June 6, 2019 - As we experience the 75th anniversary of the day the Allied Forces invaded Europe it is worth noting why the… Continue reading "D-Day: Why It Matters"
The Gateway Arch is calling May 7, 2019 - The first time I experienced the Gateway Arch I didn’t really “see” it.  My mother was pregnant with your truly the… Continue reading "The Gateway Arch is calling"
A Day of Remembrance April 12, 2019 - Today is a special day for me and for Roma Mary Grace.  Thirty-one years ago today Roma Clara Josephine Rasa… Continue reading "A Day of Remembrance"
Influenza, Mary and Me April 1, 2019 - I always thought that successful genealogists would get to talk about their own family.  Tonight I got the opportunity to… Continue reading "Influenza, Mary and Me"
Prussia, Prussia, Prussia February 25, 2019 - I am one of those people who love to see what happened on this day in history.  I often wonder… Continue reading "Prussia, Prussia, Prussia"
Why Groundhog Day makes me think of Avon February 2, 2019 - Today, Groundhog Day, is Eloise Grubb’s birthday.  Many of you have never heard of her.  Eloise Chastain Grubbs (1916-1986) lived… Continue reading "Why Groundhog Day makes me think of Avon"
Ode to a Church: First Presbyterian Church of Wetumpka January 23, 2019 - Last week James and I were looking forward to a short excursion on Saturday.  We had planned to visit Old… Continue reading "Ode to a Church: First Presbyterian Church of Wetumpka"