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Add Context to Your Ancestors’ Lives with Sanborn Maps June 16, 2021 - Sanborn Maps are great tools whether you are new to genealogy or a professional researcher.[1]  The maps are essential if… Continue reading "Add Context to Your Ancestors’ Lives with Sanborn Maps"
Richard Tolliver Southard: A Resilient Life June 9, 2021 - For many years I have been drawn to the story of my third great uncle, Richard Tolliver Southard (1844-1934). His… Continue reading "Richard Tolliver Southard: A Resilient Life"
Three Young Women, Gone Too Soon June 3, 2021 -   Several months ago, a friend from Florence, Missouri, asked if I knew about the deaths of three women in… Continue reading "Three Young Women, Gone Too Soon"
A Giant Pickle and a Lady “Waiting” for Him June 2, 2021 -   Ever since I was a kid, I have loved postcards.  I think my ancestors instilled in me a desire… Continue reading "A Giant Pickle and a Lady “Waiting” for Him"
Celebrating John Peter’s 200th June 1, 2021 - All hail and sing happy birthday! Today is the 200th birthday of Johan (Johannes or John) Peter Siegel, my two… Continue reading "Celebrating John Peter’s 200th"
Cousin Bailey: “I hate to claim it, we are kin!” February 23, 2021 - Last week the call came that I had been expecting for some time; my oldest living relative Bailey had passed… Continue reading "Cousin Bailey: “I hate to claim it, we are kin!”"
Bucket Trucks & America September 30, 2020 - This morning I read an email from a fellow genealogist Thomas MacEntee.  He said “Don’t give up on 2020” and… Continue reading "Bucket Trucks & America"
Today’s Gift from Charlotte August 5, 2020 - I awoke this morning with the thought that genealogy is a gift.  The trials and perseverance of our ancestors can… Continue reading "Today’s Gift from Charlotte"
David Leong: A Prosperous Life {1920-2020} July 27, 2020 - Mr. David Leong, creator of Cashew Chicken Photo courtesy of leongsasiandiner.com. In 2018 there were fifty four Chinese restaurants in… Continue reading "David Leong: A Prosperous Life {1920-2020}"
Roma Clara Josephine and a Lesson for Today July 7, 2020 - July 6th is the 111th anniversary of the birth of Roma Clara Josephine Rasa, my maternal grandmother.  She was born… Continue reading "Roma Clara Josephine and a Lesson for Today"