Historical Research & Writing

It is hard to believe I have accumulated more than twenty-five years of research and writing experience. While attending the University of Missouri in the early 1990s I began the lifelong-odyssey of writing. My love of research began earlier, during my high school years in preparation for speech and debate. However, it was in graduate school under the tutelage of a great scholar and mentor, William R. Van Cleave, that I honed my interests into a craft.

After graduating I packed up my Ford and moved to Washington DC where I spend a decade working at think tanks, on Capitol Hill and in the Pentagon. Throughout my career I wrote extensively on a range of subjects including military and political issues; local, regional and international interests; as well as genealogy when my career permitted.  Even after moving to Alabama my focus remained on national security until 2014 when I rebranded my company and began working full time on genealogy.

I have numerous published articles, blog posts and book chapters, many of which are available on the resources page of my website. I am always interested in writing opportunities whether genealogy, history or policy-related. Contact me today!

Here are a few of my most recent publications: 

  1. “A Genealogist’s Guide to Sanborn Maps.” AGS Magazine 51. No. 2, Birmingham, AL: Alabama Genealogical Society. Fall/Winter 2019.
  2. “The Hastings Brewing Company.” Historical News 52, No. 4. Hastings, NE: Adams County Historical Society. 2019.
  3. “Lewis Arthur Mothersbaugh ‘Uncle Bud’ (1875-1941).”  MoSGA Journal 39. No. 2. 2019.
  4. “Roma Clara Josephine Rasa Siegel…A Rebel in Her Own Time.” Florence, MO: Celebrating 185 Years, September 2017.
  5. “How We Are All Related: Tieman, Siegel, Schupp, Schroeder, Rasa, Rehmer, Munsterman, Koch and Casdorph.” Florence, MO: Celebrating 185 Years, September 2017.
  6. “Lewis Arthur Mothersbaugh ‘Uncle Bud’ (1875-1941).” Florence, MO: Celebrating 185 Years, September 2017.
  7. “Portrait of Four Families, Three Generations and Three ‘Strangers.’” MoSGA Journal 36, No. 4 (2016) 22-24.