Sunflower Village Historic District

March 1, 2020 Artist rendering of Sunflower Village ca. 1943

The Sunflower Village Historic District was listed in the National Register in 2014 as a rare example of “temporary” war-time housing that was built by the federal government in 1943 and evolved into housing for veterans during the post-war housing shortages.


Sunflower Village was constructed in … Continue reading "Sunflower Village Historic District"

Hastings Brewery

March 24, 2019 Hastings Brewery Building, Hastings, NE

The Hastings Brewery Building at 219 W. 2nd Street in Hastings, Nebraska was nominated to the National Register of Historic Places on March 26, 2015.  I had the opportunity to work with Brenda Spencer of Spencer Preservation to research and write the historic significance of the property.  The … Continue reading "Hastings Brewery"

Grip, Grippe and the Spanish Lady: The 1918-1920 Pandemic

November 19, 2018

Part One: The Outbreak

Genealogy is so much more than family trees, records and dates. People’s lives are shaped by the events of their time. One such event is the Spanish Influenza Pandemic. The disease took on many names including “Spanish Influenza,” “Spanish Lady,” “La Grippe” or simply the “Grip.” While it affected virtually every … Continue reading "Grip, Grippe and the Spanish Lady: The 1918-1920 Pandemic"