City directories: Just boring phone phonebooks?

    Genealogists know that city directories are not simply phone books, rather that these resources were created for businesses to get access to customers and vice versa.  They are genealogy gold ready to be mined!  Ralph L. Polk, the most widely known publisher, began his business with 1872 Evansville, IN directory, listing the names … Continue reading “City directories: Just boring phone phonebooks?”

A Giant Pickle and a Lady “Waiting” for Him

  Ever since I was a kid, I have loved postcards.  I think my ancestors instilled in me a desire to travel and in previous centuries getting a postcard in the mail allowed one to get a glimpse of that faraway place.  I have postcards sent to me decades ago from far flung places including … Continue reading “A Giant Pickle and a Lady “Waiting” for Him”

Today’s Gift from Charlotte

I awoke this morning with the thought that genealogy is a gift.  The trials and perseverance of our ancestors can inform, entertain, sadden, bring joy, and perhaps engender resilience in us.  How? Knowing those that walked before us survived pestilence and war during their lifetimes can open our eyes to the simple fact: humans can … Continue reading “Today’s Gift from Charlotte”

RootsTech News: App Has Great New Map Feature

If you are a genealogist you know that one of the biggest conferences of the year is happening right now in Salt Lake City.  While I was unable to attend in person, multiple sessions are live-streamed allowing us to watch sessions from home.  One of my favorite speakers, Crista Cowan, just finished a session on … Continue reading “RootsTech News: App Has Great New Map Feature”

Four Families, Three Generations and Two “Strangers”

(back to front, left to right) Ida Marie Siegel (1886-1974), Maria Magdalena (Raiffeisen) Mothersbaugh (1869-1948), Lewis Arthur  Mothersbaugh (1875-1941), John Richardson (1867-1951), Lillie Ionia (Mothersbaugh) Richardson (1871-1929), unknown, W. Peter Siegel (1858-1938), Charlotte (Schupp) Raiffeisen (1832-1911), Marie Charlotte (Raiffeisen) Siegel (1861-1924), Amalia Raiffeisen (1868-1950), unknown, Edna Louise (Siegel) Vieth (1896-1974), Florentine Magdalene Siegel (1894-1974), two unknown girls, … Continue reading “Four Families, Three Generations and Two “Strangers””