Mary, Mary, Mary

There are several Marys in my life.  My mother’s sister for one.  Then there are those who have left this earth in recent years namely my husband’s grandmother, Mary Agnes (Baker) Buchan.  There are at least two in my family tree who have had a great influence on my life even though we’ve only met through pictures and in the memories of others.

There is Maria Magdalina (Raiffeisen) Mothersbaugh, known to my grandfather as Aunt Mary.  Both the Raiffeisen and Mothersbaugh families played monumental roles in my genealogical journey.  Mary married Louis Authur “Bud” Mothersbaugh, a Missouri farm boy who joined the U.S. Marine Corps just in time to play a role in the Spanish American war, U.S. presence in the Philippines and the Boxer Rebellion in China.

Just as significant was Mary Virginia (DeHaven) Siegel, my grandfather’s first wife and mother of Eugene, Pete and Carl Siegel.  Mary succumbed to influenza in the spring of 1919 when the second wave of the global epidemic hit the United States.

I have several Marys in my Tree but Mary Agnes, Maria Magdalina and Mary Virginia are the ones that have helped shape my story and lend their name to this blog.