A Woman Named Grace (cont.)

I apologize for the months of delay.  I thought summer would be a good time to begin blogging, but alas life jumped in the way! Anyway, I am back and ready to begin again.

Grace Valentine Kembel was born on Valentine’s Day in 1914.  She married Ellis Ray Spencer on Valentine’s Day in 1933.  She was was the fourth of nine children; two boys and seven girls in all. She was always a bit of a conundrum to me.  A little gruff and distant.  Her husband, Ellis was such a trickster that he would often have us all laughing about the crazy stunts he and his family would pull.  Grace was more subtle; she had a dry wit that was biting…something I learned in later years.

As their 50th wedding anniversary approached the family planned a large fete to honor the couple.  We wrote to family and friends and asked them for pictures, stories, remembrances that we were going to place in an album.  We began searching through old photos and came upon the one above.  We debated about whether to add it to the album because we weren’t sure that the woman next to grandpa was Grace!  We compared other photos and asked relatives.  The issue was Grace didn’t like to smile for the camera, nor could anyone believe she would strike the rather sultry pose of the woman in the photo.  Was it her???? In the end we included it and much to our relief discovered that it was indeed Grace.  It would not be the last time she would surprise me.  Many of those stories are yet to come!